I See You in Everything

In the light of my life and the puzzle peices that find their place inside of me, my children you are always teaching me love is what your made of. ~Kerri Elizabeth~

In the wings of the butterfly.

In the roar of the lion.

In the chirp of the robin.

In the lightning across the sky.

In the shooting of a star.

In the glow of the moon.

In the crackles of a fire.

In the heat of the sun.

In the beat of the heart.

In the scent of nature.

In the realm of infinity.

In the sparkle of an eye.

In the rhythm vibrating inside.

In the words of a story.

In the rhymes of a lullaby.

In the arms held tight.

In the smiles so bright.

In the laughter that fills my soul.

My four children you are the peace I hold!

The reason I’m me.

The purpose I see.

The love I breathe.

You’re the sunshine that creates my reality!

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