The Dance with Fear


Surrender into the grasp and allow courage to transform you when you let go of resistance and allow yourself to glance into the flow of the dance. 

~Kerri Elizabeth~

Dear Fear, what is your purpose here

What is that grasp you hold so dear

Your purpose dear Fear, is it to enlighten my tears

This dance clasping hands and creating grace

An invitation to courageously face

Dear Fear, thank you for sharing your perception of what is near

Your purpose I see now was not to hurt me

It has been here to show me, not to scold me

To guide me, not to live inside me

Dear Fear, the steps of this dance beautifully flowing

I’m learning and growing

Your strength so determined and clear

Captivating me into a stillness I’d never hear without you near

Surrender to the pace of Fear’s conscious embrace

It is that safe place wisdom and strength teach conscious grace

When Gratitude and Fear courageously dance, the lesson transforms the grasp

Dear Fear, thank you for the stillness to hear.

​Love, Sunshine​

One thought on “The Dance with Fear

  1. Pass It Down
    *I will instruct you and teach you in the way which you should go.* Psalm 32:8
    How can you tell if the spiritual-sounding words coming out of your children’s mouths are evidence of a itrue faith?
    The fact is, you may not really know until they’re somewhat older, because most children are clever enough to say what they know Mom and Dad want to hear. It often takes some severe testing to determine the veracity of your children’s faith, and that doesn’t usually happen until they’re well along in their teen years, perhaps even college-age or older.
    Our children began to have their faith tested in middle school. They started coming home with questions like, “What does the Bible say about evolution?” or “What does God think about being gay?” We had many lively discussions at the dinner table as I played devil’s advocate to help them think through their beliefs. That’s when they began to discover truth on their own from Scripture.
    I don’t know how to emphasize enough the importance of this kind of training. Depending upon whose research numbers you believe, the rate of young adults who abandon the faith of their parents is somewhere in the 50- to 80-percent range. We’re talking about a major problem.
    If we are to avoid the fate of many other nations where Christianity has dwindled into irrelevance, it must begin in homes like yours. Your children can only hitchhike on your faith for so long. You must constantly be looking ahead to the day when you release them to take their own journey of Christian belief.
    May we raise children to invade and infiltrate the twenty-first century, not with faith standards blindly adopted from their parents, but with biblical beliefs honed into convictions.
    DiscussWhat are the key messages and convictions from the Bible that you want to pass on to your children? Discuss how you can both do a better job of diligently teaching and training your children.
    PrayAsk God for the passion to make biblical training a top priority in your home, as well as the peace not to worry about being a super-theologian—just to share what you’re experiencing and learning about God

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