The Path

In the path you conceive is where your belief is made!

~Kerri Elizabeth~

May there be love on every path

May calmness be the center at last

May every breathe fill your lungs without fail

May that rush of fear pass with a centered exhale

Release and explore the open door

The light inside will show you more

Be still and visualize

Feel and realize

Inside your human space

Embedded into your cellular place

Is love for you to embrace


Happy Birthday to the Greatest Man Ever, MY SON!

BeFunky Collage

Zakary Ryan taught not to believe in the opinions of others, but to deeply believe the depth of your own true worth! 


His laughter infectious

His joy, uplifting

His outlook radiated champion

His love unconditional

His emotions deeper than the sea

His spirit beyond the human body’s capacity

His gifts moved the planet

He moved with creativity and challenged your thoughts

His soul shared unchartered truths

He pushed the limits and courageously lived

His name forever in my heart

His birth forever my gift of life

His presence and guidance always with me

His voice clearly speaks to me

His journey forever a part of my destiny

My protector, my teacher, my guide

His smile is my sunshine

My baby, my boy, my son, my child, my heartbeat

Thank you for making your appearance 25 years ago on this day

My life has been forever blessed and deeply changed because you chose me as your Momma!

You have shown me a depth I could never have reached or a strength I could never achieve without you!



The first two songs are close to our hearts, we played them at Zaks memorial and he sang them with his great power all growing up with hands in the air! This boy has a journey and it won’t stop here, trust me as his momma, he has no stop button so watch out he’s making changes!

I Believe I can fly!

Worlds Greatest!

Zaks story/ Raw truths/Unfiltered

I am not a human/ By Zak

Running/ by Zak/ unfiltered

Intro./ Unfiltered and Raw

Love in a Storm


There will be storms in life that will rumble your ground and new feelings and ideas will be created around.

Kerri Elizabeth


A walk away lead me to pray.

I met thunder and lightening on the way.

They were collaborating their next play.

First would be lighting the sky like it was day.

Followed by rumble and rain they had more to say.

The rumble shook my ground.

The lightening was all around.

Striking anything with a fierce and solid sound.

I was vulnerable and open in the storm.

Finding safety and solitude my heart was torn.

Lost in the eye of the storm unwarned.

My own instincts kept me warm.

Calmness came over me.

And a rumble set me free.

While fear was trying to catch up with me.

Was I trapped in a storm?

Or being awakened and warned?

Life will be what you see.

Thoughts will go where your energy flows.

Fear is a voice of choice.

The Sunshine stays still behind the storm.

Love and light warm the way.

No matter what kind of day.

Shooting and Fishing and Loving Life


An unpaved road and a calling on the soul, follow the direction it wants you to go, it’s where you find the key to be whole.

Kerri Elizabeth

She was a small girl with a hatchet of her own.

Looking for things to cut up then skipping every stone.

She loved fishing and hooking the worm, she learned to catch at every bend and turn

She lived in clear skied mountains, where the air was safe to breathe.

She walked the forest daily making friends with the trees.

Memorizing bushes and berries and smelling the rivers breeze.

She was carefree and fearless and ran barefoot everywhere.

Running as fast as she could feeling every rock was her dare.

It seemed time was never about the clock, she never cared.

Time was filled with moments and there was no such thing as going around the block.

Space was outside where two rivers intertwined.

Her irish setter Jake was never far behind.

Playing was feeling the earth and learning nature’s real purpose.

Finding frogs and shooting her bb gun over the river was daily fun.

Creating something new was always on her mind.

She would make anything out of something she would find.

Twine and beads, wood and nails, saws and hammers, even leaves that fell.

Records instead of TV lead music to her soul.

Singing as loud as she could was a daily goal.

Making fires was more than heat to her feet.

It started a flame from a ficker she was born to repeat.

Many years have passed now her children are all grown.

Grandchildren came healing her empty nest syndrome.

More years have passed and a longing from her soul.

Lead her to a mountain where the flame would take control.

Two hearts and two lives, two kindred souls.

Finding out that we grew up to find each others hand to hold.

She has found her mountain man the key to her heart.

We will be fishing and shooting and loving our life.


Soul Education



Nature is the classroom of soul education.

Kerri Elizabeth

The mountains let go of the winter snow and tears come down and the rivers overflow.

The season is letting go and new growth is starting to show.

The sound of the river roaring downhill tells me for a minute to be still.

The mountain talks, the river flows and peace is all I know.

The energy flow from the full moon’s glow is a beautiful place to go.

Every bird is singing outloud, they know spring is coming around.

The sun rays reflecting on a lake near by,

seems to ask the rivers, to meet at the bend under the sky.

A hammock between two trees rocks gently in the breeze.

A blanket and a park, two trees never far apart.

The blossoms up high inviting the sky, to guide them out with every sunsrise.

The sounds around vibrate the air with the energy of every ray of sunshine there.

Prepare and have purpose in all that you do, enjoying the little things nature can do.

Sunshine on your shoulders!

Hide and Seek

Nina and BabyBlue

Love is alive inside of you, seek it and find it and let it thrive.

Kerri Elizabeth

Take the time to move through it, not remove from it.

There is a place to embrace it and not replace it.

Take time to reflect on the why, give strength where love is alive.

Does your love play hide and seek?

Do you seek when love hides?

Do you play when love is alive?

Do you hide when love seeks?

Is your heart open to a sneak peak?

Do you meet love where it is and give it energy to live?

Do you open up a door or take a moment to adore?

Someone is changed everyday by a simple gesture of love along the way.

Even the sandpaper people rubbing you the wrong way can smooth out your edges and be thanked for their short stay.

We need the times that challenge our will and challenge us not to become still.

Gratitude is in the pain and gain, embrace it don’t replace it.

Love can be found when it hides and you can seek it and let it thrive.

You are the seeker to the love you hide.

You are responsible to keep it alive.


What If You Did This


Love will endure and love will cure and love is always pure.

Kerri Elizabeth

All in a day pave the way.

All in a day it’s up to you what you do.

What if every moment we forgive ourselves and choose to be great no matter what surrounds us?

What if we continued to love even when love looked different than our eye sees?

What if being love showed love and we all allowed love to guide our words, movements and pace in life?

What if everyday we spent time reminding ourselves that we are the change and with that the world will follow change like a domino effect.

What if we all trusted so much in ourselves our strength became a flight to new thoughts and ways never seen before.

What if we consciously and consistently kept moving even when the sign said stop, deciding to take a different route rather than actually stopping?

What if we saw impossible as guidance to another way instead of noway?????

What if life everyday was so full of our own love and smiles and joy that it radiated into others lives as well?

What if  there was no such thing as I should, I would, I need, I could, just that I did I learned and I loved?

What if EVERYDAY you lived life instead of waited for it?


Receive The Light

2015-06-21 16.55.11

Receive the sunshine when it reaches for you the amazing energy is a gift that is free and made just for you!

Kerri Elizabeth

The sun is out, the air is warm, spring is rising up.

The trees are budding, the leaves are calling to the sun.

Bulbs are shaking in the ground ready to jump out and be found.

The dogs are happy prancing around and the spirit to play is all over town.

Saturday markets getting ready to roll.

Creativity is on the go.

The hustle the bustle of races ahead.

Memories of lakes and fishing nestled in my head.

The mountains are calling me to run my feet up their back.

Rivers are screaming adventure and backpacks.

The sun is shining on the Puget Sound.

Spring and summer I miss you so much.

Thank you for sharing some time with me today.

You build my spirit, you light up my soul.

The love you give me is insurmountable.


Your Life is Your Sky


The world is your sky and you were made to fly, be precise and focus on the energy you exert to manifest exactly what you desire on this earth.

Kerri Elizabeth

The eagle again, wings wide open flying in.

A drive and then again the eagle flies in front of me wide open soaring past like a whisper in the wind.

Coming around the corner for a swoop down and then, seemingly with a glance he tells me more again.

The energy of his face surrounds my heart with a magical embrace.

What is happening is in front of me?

What is the eagle showing me?

Sometimes two at a time coming down right in line.

The confidence, the precise flight, the look in the eagle’s eyes.

What are they trying to say, everytime I leave home there is more in the day.

Near the hi-way or the lake, on a twisted road without a mistake.

Sitting in the living room, I can see so clear their perch.

They are aware and conserving energy for the greater good on earth.

His focus is precise, he maximizes on acceleration and flight.

Soaring through the sky, swooping down right past the height of my eyes, there is a sign.

Open your wings and continue to fly, the world is your sky.

Sending honor and respect always victorious and free.

Glide with focus, time and accuracy.

Take doubt out of the moment and open up your wings.

Life is your sky and you were made to fly.


Start With a Dot


When the sentence runs-on and no paragraph is in place, when a canvas is painted  and never seen , when a story is not read and is simply left to end where is the place to start again? Add a dot of silence to begin again, you are the story and decide when.

Kerri Elizabeth

Silence is!

This space is a place no one can erase.

Safety is in there, nothing can compare.

It is a space where nothing and everything exists.

It is a place and a space that only you can hear.

Wait, do you hear in there or wonder where?

It is a solitude and your own embrace.

Where touch is missed, solitude takes shape.

Where time is lost, presence is found.

Where pain is felt, healing takes its place.

Where thinking is over stimulated by what is around, the mind can rest sound.

Where breathing is not honored, every breathe will now be life.

Where your heart feels like its weight is more than you can take, it will now float like bubbles in the wind across a calm surface again.

Where your soul seems without a direction, direction becomes you with every move.

Where we forget we are the perception and story, we become the canvas to paint our glory.

Silence is a blank slate where nothing needs to be erased, where the story of your life has a place to start.

Put a dot of silence in there now and then so the run-ons will end.

Sunshine inside and out, finding a dot in silence where a new paragraph starts again.