Wake Up to Dance


Your life is your sunrise and your sunset, dance in it, cry in it, love in it, believe in it, it is the promise given to you, what you receive from it will be a legacy you will leave too!

Kerri Elizabeth

Wake up everyday to a smile, a laugh, a decision to have a blast.

Wake up to a day that you decided to join in all the way.

Wake up to the thankfulness of a glow and to smile through every ebb and flow.

Life is a blessing of twists and turns and our flexibility is pushed and returned.

Every bump, big or small invites creativity to how you decide to stand or fall.

In the depth of a moving heart, passion lives in every part.

Dance and sing in the rain.

Smile and laugh because you can.

Turn the music up loud.

Jump in every puddle around.

Get dirty in a tie and a dress.

Climb a tree instead of work or rest.

Be available to see, what life is offering you a choice to be.

Let a tear stray, there will be more along the way.

Every tear goes somewhere and like the sunshine behind a cloud, light will be found.

When nothing becomes a thought or place, everything is an option to take its place.

Roll your windows down and let your hair blow all around.

Feel the chill in the air and let it touch your skin everywhere.

Lay naked in the snow after a hot bath created from melted snow.

Feel the heat under the sun and the smell of the trees in a calm breeze.

Bury your feet in the sand and move your toes if you can.

Find meaning in your life in every single step, there is something in every sunrise and sunset.

Sun Shining for you in every hue.

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