Hide and Seek

Nina and BabyBlue

Love is alive inside of you, seek it and find it and let it thrive.

Kerri Elizabeth

Take the time to move through it, not remove from it.

There is a place to embrace it and not replace it.

Take time to reflect on the why, give strength where love is alive.

Does your love play hide and seek?

Do you seek when love hides?

Do you play when love is alive?

Do you hide when love seeks?

Is your heart open to a sneak peak?

Do you meet love where it is and give it energy to live?

Do you open up a door or take a moment to adore?

Someone is changed everyday by a simple gesture of love along the way.

Even the sandpaper people rubbing you the wrong way can smooth out your edges and be thanked for their short stay.

We need the times that challenge our will and challenge us not to become still.

Gratitude is in the pain and gain, embrace it don’t replace it.

Love can be found when it hides and you can seek it and let it thrive.

You are the seeker to the love you hide.

You are responsible to keep it alive.


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