What If You Did This


Love will endure and love will cure and love is always pure.

Kerri Elizabeth

All in a day pave the way.

All in a day it’s up to you what you do.

What if every moment we forgive ourselves and choose to be great no matter what surrounds us?

What if we continued to love even when love looked different than our eye sees?

What if being love showed love and we all allowed love to guide our words, movements and pace in life?

What if everyday we spent time reminding ourselves that we are the change and with that the world will follow change like a domino effect.

What if we all trusted so much in ourselves our strength became a flight to new thoughts and ways never seen before.

What if we consciously and consistently kept moving even when the sign said stop, deciding to take a different route rather than actually stopping?

What if we saw impossible as guidance to another way instead of noway?????

What if life everyday was so full of our own love and smiles and joy that it radiated into others lives as well?

What if  there was no such thing as I should, I would, I need, I could, just that I did I learned and I loved?

What if EVERYDAY you lived life instead of waited for it?


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