Give and Take

Nothing will work unless you do.

                                                                                      Maya Angelou

Emotionally overwhelmed with the moment in time, anxiety and air didn’t align.

As she looked across the room her daughter was there, a frantic connection they couldn’t bare.

They agreed to sit down to tackle some thoughts, then in a flash the love felt lost.

They sat for hours searching for more,

and agreed together not to keep score.

There were tears in both their eyes,

it was time to sit down and compromise.

The struggle for love was so intense,  hearts were clearly in only defense.

“What is my favorite color”, she asks?

 Without time to respond, she says,” you have never even asked”.

We are given moments in life to achieve, and often they are lost because we don’t believe.

It was only the two of them healing their pain and what happened next was a complete life change.

 Six hours later we had made a vow, to listen to love and to be in the now.

The breath that was given was taken away, there was no more oxygen or heartbeat to stay.

One never got up from that chair , the others experience seemed too much to bare.

She saw her mother die on the floor,

 a moment of panic brought her to want more.

She watched the pain take her mother away, now tables are turned and she’s gone today.

She made many choices after that day,

that has taken her so very far away.

Two different people in the same story,

but completely different versions, only one saw glory.

One saw light and no pain, the other felt tears lead by her fears.

One saw  life in a movie form, the other in shock and suddenly torn.

One took a journey to another place,

the other watched her mother’s still face.

The rest is a journey of life and love ,chapters and chapters sent from above.

There are seasons and trials and heartaches and tears,

there are smiles and hugs and kisses for years.

The seasons will pass, they go all too fast.

Let go of the winter, the storms and rain,

or you’ll miss the sunshine after the pain.

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