Friends are Forever

   “In the words and hand you lend, a lifetime of heart extend.”

-Kerri Elizabeth

In the glow of your smile and the sparkle in your eyes,

in the voice of approval that helps you decide.

In the arm that extends and the

heart that will share, I’m so grateful for the time your there.

There are times your voice reaches out with despair,

to me this means it’s my time to care.

-Kerri Elizabeth

A friend is a person who never loses sight of who you are in fight or flight.

A friend gives you their opinion without their decision.

A friend is selfless, they don’t blame or put shame.

A friend is a believer and a cheerleader of heart.

A friend can see your inner voice and show you clearly what sets you apart.

A friend sees in you what hasn’t been done, and through their eyes hope has begun.

A friend gives you a hug that is not defensive or far.

 A friend is purposeful and their intention is merciful.

There is no time lapse in friendship, no distance too far, a friend is forever, our personal rock star.

Be to yourself the friendship you aspire,

look in the mirror and believe in what you desire.

That what you see is your friend forever so make a promise you’ll always get through together.

Here is some sunshine  to the heart and your mind ,be patient and loving

and don’t leave you behind.


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