Pen and Paper

Pause, breathe, cry if you must, BUT KEEP GOING!

This morning I had my blog all done, excited and ready, it was full of character and fun.

I wrote it all out in Microsoft Word, I saved it and saved it without concern.

I went to copy and paste it to here and the only thing posted brought out a tear.

I called my best friend for his help, he searched my computer for what was dealt.

He signed on to my computer from his house, with a simple click of his mouse.

Don’t ask me how he does that, I leave it to him.

Thank goodness for friends that have learned what I don’t even want to begin.

As he was searching the reality became true, the file was corrupted and written in blue.

I decided I was experiencing something to say that maybe would change someone else’s day.

 There will be challenges and changes, in the way you handle it will be the exchanges.

Turn the problem into a solution, don’t let it be your absolution.

Here is your sunshine for today, use pen and paper, ok!

Sunshine she’s here, you can take a break!

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