Happy Birthday to the Greatest Man Ever, MY SON!

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Zakary Ryan taught not to believe in the opinions of others, but to deeply believe the depth of your own true worth! 


His laughter infectious

His joy, uplifting

His outlook radiated champion

His love unconditional

His emotions deeper than the sea

His spirit beyond the human body’s capacity

His gifts moved the planet

He moved with creativity and challenged your thoughts

His soul shared unchartered truths

He pushed the limits and courageously lived

His name forever in my heart

His birth forever my gift of life

His presence and guidance always with me

His voice clearly speaks to me

His journey forever a part of my destiny

My protector, my teacher, my guide

His smile is my sunshine

My baby, my boy, my son, my child, my heartbeat

Thank you for making your appearance 25 years ago on this day

My life has been forever blessed and deeply changed because you chose me as your Momma!

You have shown me a depth I could never have reached or a strength I could never achieve without you!



The first two songs are close to our hearts, we played them at Zaks memorial and he sang them with his great power all growing up with hands in the air! This boy has a journey and it won’t stop here, trust me as his momma, he has no stop button so watch out he’s making changes!

I Believe I can fly!

Worlds Greatest!

Zaks story/ Raw truths/Unfiltered

I am not a human/ By Zak

Running/ by Zak/ unfiltered

Intro./ Unfiltered and Raw



Awe moments of elation downloaded into the cells of your description!

Kerri Elizabeth



In an awe moment the heart releases the vastness of elation.

The mind downloads the memories of persuasion.

Beauty shows through the eyes you no longer can conceal.

Hiding the sorrow that pushes your soul to its complexity is revealed.

The storm draws you into a trance.

Tomorrow it will have been another glance.

The only objection to life, is a posture lacking in light.

Raise your vibration to reach new heights.

Let your previous limits be just another chapter.

Allowing the story to unfold and new volumes to recapture.

Overflow with the curiosity of how a seed grows.

Exploring the capacity of more to know.

Melancholy will simultaneously exchange its place with grace.

Integrate love and freedom, it’s yours to embrace.

Walk With Less Resistance



There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.

Maya Angelou

In the dismantle and reconstruction of thoughts emerges new light.

Today I choose it all to be more than alright.

Interaction with existence in nature’s surrounding cradle my soul.

We are made whole.

Centering an emotion into a balanced presence invites transformation.

Allowing frustration to inspire inner creative articulation.

Be bold and alive in this quake that shakes your ground.

Let your fire inside be a light all around.

Root into the earth with fierce and determined emergence.

Ground your thoughts without disturbance.

Reach in and dare your heart to beat to the contrast of yesterday.

Raise your hands to the beauty of a new day.

Culminate new ways.

Dance to the vibration of the earth’s core.

Reach and touch more!

Sunshine on your magnificence.

Soul Education



Nature is the classroom of soul education.

Kerri Elizabeth

The mountains let go of the winter snow and tears come down and the rivers overflow.

The season is letting go and new growth is starting to show.

The sound of the river roaring downhill tells me for a minute to be still.

The mountain talks, the river flows and peace is all I know.

The energy flow from the full moon’s glow is a beautiful place to go.

Every bird is singing outloud, they know spring is coming around.

The sun rays reflecting on a lake near by,

seems to ask the rivers, to meet at the bend under the sky.

A hammock between two trees rocks gently in the breeze.

A blanket and a park, two trees never far apart.

The blossoms up high inviting the sky, to guide them out with every sunsrise.

The sounds around vibrate the air with the energy of every ray of sunshine there.

Prepare and have purpose in all that you do, enjoying the little things nature can do.

Sunshine on your shoulders!


A bad day is a good day when it’s leading you to your best days.

Kerri Elizabeth

When all the bulls@@@ gets put aside, real time is applied.

Do you allow the clutter of voices to shut down your choices?

Do you hear static and react automatic?

How much time do you spend analyzing what has already been?

Have you forgotten who you are and stopped to look back too far?

Are you feeling stuck inside where everything can hide?

Pull up your boot straps, lock on your smile and get yourself out and walk a mile.

Walk a mile to a goal to push through and be bold.

Cleanse your thoughts and make a clear slate to conquer a goal ,it’s never too late.

Be tenacious and charged, push through hard parts.

Are you tired and want to stop, talk yourself back up to the top.

There will be time to rest and time to recover, find your balance between one goal and another.

What moves you to finish a task, is it a plan or flying by the seat of your pants?

Do you want clarity in your life, do you listen to too much advice?

Stay quiet for a minute and decide ,what does your voice say inside?

Write it down and create a goal so you know where to go.

Structure a plan to clear the path and let clarity come to you at last.

Sunshine on your path!

What If You Did This


Love will endure and love will cure and love is always pure.

Kerri Elizabeth

All in a day pave the way.

All in a day it’s up to you what you do.

What if every moment we forgive ourselves and choose to be great no matter what surrounds us?

What if we continued to love even when love looked different than our eye sees?

What if being love showed love and we all allowed love to guide our words, movements and pace in life?

What if everyday we spent time reminding ourselves that we are the change and with that the world will follow change like a domino effect.

What if we all trusted so much in ourselves our strength became a flight to new thoughts and ways never seen before.

What if we consciously and consistently kept moving even when the sign said stop, deciding to take a different route rather than actually stopping?

What if we saw impossible as guidance to another way instead of noway?????

What if life everyday was so full of our own love and smiles and joy that it radiated into others lives as well?

What if  there was no such thing as I should, I would, I need, I could, just that I did I learned and I loved?

What if EVERYDAY you lived life instead of waited for it?


Receive The Light

2015-06-21 16.55.11

Receive the sunshine when it reaches for you the amazing energy is a gift that is free and made just for you!

Kerri Elizabeth

The sun is out, the air is warm, spring is rising up.

The trees are budding, the leaves are calling to the sun.

Bulbs are shaking in the ground ready to jump out and be found.

The dogs are happy prancing around and the spirit to play is all over town.

Saturday markets getting ready to roll.

Creativity is on the go.

The hustle the bustle of races ahead.

Memories of lakes and fishing nestled in my head.

The mountains are calling me to run my feet up their back.

Rivers are screaming adventure and backpacks.

The sun is shining on the Puget Sound.

Spring and summer I miss you so much.

Thank you for sharing some time with me today.

You build my spirit, you light up my soul.

The love you give me is insurmountable.


Are You In Overdraft….


When you overdraft yourself the debt has an account and a password protected by you and no one else.

Kerri Elizabeth

When the clouds do their part the sun shines on your heart.

When one story ends another bubbles up to begin.

Look for the sun in the sky.

See your faith and fly.

Smile even when you don’t know why.

There is a solution when you create one and decide.

Listen to the sound of what’s around.

There is nothing that can hold you down.

The power to be is inside of you and me.

The decision is clearly not always free, if your charging yourself a moving fee.

To move is free, the charge comes from the time you take to decide, you’re not in control of others lives.

There is a charge we put on our life.

We add a debt of shame and guilt, worry, procrastination and pain felt.

All of these things add up inside like an overdraft waiting to arrive.

When the overdraft comes through, remember it’s all about what you chose to do.

Throw off your gloves, your coat and hat, get down to the basics and pay off more than the draft.

You’re the only one with this account and the password is, YOU!


Wake Up to Dance


Your life is your sunrise and your sunset, dance in it, cry in it, love in it, believe in it, it is the promise given to you, what you receive from it will be a legacy you will leave too!

Kerri Elizabeth

Wake up everyday to a smile, a laugh, a decision to have a blast.

Wake up to a day that you decided to join in all the way.

Wake up to the thankfulness of a glow and to smile through every ebb and flow.

Life is a blessing of twists and turns and our flexibility is pushed and returned.

Every bump, big or small invites creativity to how you decide to stand or fall.

In the depth of a moving heart, passion lives in every part.

Dance and sing in the rain.

Smile and laugh because you can.

Turn the music up loud.

Jump in every puddle around.

Get dirty in a tie and a dress.

Climb a tree instead of work or rest.

Be available to see, what life is offering you a choice to be.

Let a tear stray, there will be more along the way.

Every tear goes somewhere and like the sunshine behind a cloud, light will be found.

When nothing becomes a thought or place, everything is an option to take its place.

Roll your windows down and let your hair blow all around.

Feel the chill in the air and let it touch your skin everywhere.

Lay naked in the snow after a hot bath created from melted snow.

Feel the heat under the sun and the smell of the trees in a calm breeze.

Bury your feet in the sand and move your toes if you can.

Find meaning in your life in every single step, there is something in every sunrise and sunset.

Sun Shining for you in every hue.

To Be Calm and Still


To be calm inside is to feel the stillness even when the winds blow or the sun glows.


In the calmness of my heart the river of love flows.

In the calmness of my mind the sunshine glows.

In the stillness of my body, I feel the whisper of the wind.

In the gap between now and then I feel the moment I’m in again.

In the flow of the day I can say, no one will ruin what I feel today.

In the worry of yesterday, I lose my today.

In the plans of tomorrow I can say, those things may change on the way.

I used to spend my day figuring out everyone else’s way.

Then someone said to me, “how many hours do spend a day, helping others find their way?”

I love to help others along the way, especially my children; they have been my reason for each day.

Now I can teach them, that we can only give what we have, making sure I gain what I want to give is first my responsibility while I live.

Complaining about what you don’t have is only time spent away from decisions you must have.

Waiting for someone else to lead your way is letting go of yourself and the only way that ultimately gives you freedom in your day.

Make a stance for your own life and expect there will others that will stomp there feet to the beat of their own defeat.

Your energy goes where your thoughts go, what you think of most grows the most.

Are your thoughts where you want growth or are they where you want change the most?

Sunshine on your day!