Your House

It is not uncommon for people to wait their whole life to start living.

 Eckhart Tolle



 Searching and searching for the dream place.

 Persistence and consistence showed the way to the space.

 There was dust and dirt and floors to remove, insight was about to be the newly improved.

 The walls had layers of stories inside, took days and days to finally decide.

 It had what it needed now, the space inside, for creation and feeling to coincide.

 No water, no shower, no kitchen to cook, it was being remodeled with a new look.

 The story is that this awesome place became a frame and a security place.

 Learning to live completely without never brought any doubt.

 Hope never left, the decision to fail was never a possibility to prevail.

 What happens later outside that space was a lesson that can never be replaced.

 The house was the body it learned to live small; the mind was the biggest storm of it all.

 The soul never let the dreams go, carrying on with a clear glow.

 Has a stormed torn up the inside of your space, but the memory has become what you truly embrace?

 Inside the house are guilt and shame and a constant reminder of the pain.

 Confusion of the storm set in and you decided to stay within.

 Standing your ground in a torn up place, life has become a smaller place.

 Rebuild on new ground, get out of that space, you’re allowed to live life with true grace.

 Let go of the house you were raised in for years and take the sentimental tears.

 Let the broken pieces get swept away, it’s time to live another day.

 Have you become best friends with fear, and never realized it’s really you drawing it near?

 Build your new house where nothing is fear, conquer the possibilities so near.

 I look forward to seeing your new place; I know it show the glow on your face.

 Here is my sunshine for today, shine on for a brand new day!

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