Michael Jodan

The stadium is lit there are players in line.

They know their position, their plan is aligned.

There are players that play the hardest moves and others that can watch and help you improve.

Do you bench one and leave them sitting to watch, do you know what they’re thinking about the boss?

Are they fighting and pushing and shoving their way, or loving and listening so they can stay?

Take the time to honor and develop great action, they can be a guide for a better reaction.

Let the strongest player lead the way, teaching them all how to play.

When the lights go out, let the players rest, after a long day of teaching them to be their best.

You have your mind, body and spirit, observe the decisions and posture you choose to direct these team members never to lose.

A loss can be a lesson to define, making it a win by design!

Gather your team for the best day ever the only choice you get is now or never!

Never give up and strive for your best and remember you always have more than you guessed.

Confidence, acceptance, courage and stride, the authentic hero is always inside.

The team is in place and set for a win, are you sitting on the bench or ready to begin?

Shining sunshine on your day!

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