Confidence is silent, insecurities are loud!








N- Numerous

C- Courageous

E- Events

Confidence to stand with your shoulders back.

To walk with purpose.

To consume the best ingredients of life.

To live with an abundance of happiness.

To love, live and laugh.

To cheer for your fellow man.

To grab a hand and lead.

To be a good student

To be a good teacher.

 To listen to your heart and educate your mind with knowledge.

To meet people where they’re at.

To honor and be honored.

To believe that, every day is your day.

Confidence is seen, honored, respected and contagious.

Stand with it, receive it, notice it, own it, be it.

Confidence is a posture of who you are, you possess it by default, and there is no debt to own it or share it.

Stand with the courage to believe it is in you!

Don’t wait for a bill to charge for it, it’s a gift and it’s YOU!

A reminder that you own your own confidence free and clear, quit charging others for it!

If you have been trying to find it, remember that trying is a great way to escape ownership.

You already own it, take responsibility for it, shake the dust off and shine it up!


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