To acquire knowledge, one must study, but to acquire wisdom one must observe.

Marilyn Von Savant

Pouring down rain was calling her name.

The thunder was rolling, her heart was controlling; the rain was calling her in.

 The drops were flowing and the wind was blowing, she heard it and it called her in.

The freedom in the rain silenced any pain it was still calling her in.

 Her clothes were soaked, her curls were gone, drops of water dripped from her head.

The puddle below was a gift to grow, it reflected an amazing glow.

 She stood outside for hours and hours dancing to the sound of the rain.

 Every drop was amazing, she couldn’t get enough; it kept calling her out of the pain.

A hand reached out and said,” MOM lets jump and be glad for the puddle stomping game”.

 They jumped and they jumped and splashed and laughed, they giggled and loved and had a blast.

 Now when it rains it reflects the letting go of the pain.

 The days and years go by, the moments pass your eyes, is your heart in the game or do you stay tame?

 Let go and have fun, jump in the mud, your life has truly just begun.

 When was the last time you truly let go and enjoyed life’s adrenaline run?

 Walk outside and truly decide what will you do today?

 Give to your life your own advice and loosen that invisible vise.

 Observe your life, is it all about strife?

 Do you laugh and play and give thanks all day?

 Do you worry about what others think and allow yourself to become extinct?

Are you holding back what you own, giving your power to the unknown?

 Your day is a mixture of rain and shine, when the puddles show up, don’t ever give up.

 Look at the reflection the puddle gives you and take the risk to be more of you.

 Happiness is inside of you, joy is abundant and proud of you, love is free to give and take, don’t hold it in just begin again.

 Every day is another day to observe and reflect a better way.

 Sunshine and rain are in our days, just shout out, ”I AM SO AMAZED!!!”

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