Heart The Strings To Sing


A heart has an impact and compassion is its friend, not everyone’s heart is like yours and the strings need to be gently touched to learn.

Kerri Elizabeth


Feel your heart beat.

Feel it dance with joy.

Let it experience sadness.

Let it feel its way.

Let it speak volumes in your day.

Let your heart be the voice that reminds you of choice.

Let your heart continue to receive the wisdom that leads.

Let your heart be the legacy that leaves inspiration for many.

Let your heart be the gap between a frown and a smile.

Follow the heart beat to where it leads; it holds a song for you to retrieve.

When it’s ignored it will simply keep pounding and the message will be there surrounding.

Feel your heart beat, it is beating to a song, and the message is strong.

This beautiful part of you is worth listening along.

Sunshine forever!

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