Stand Upside Down

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Hear the sound inside, turn it up or down, dance to it and let peace turn a frown upside down.

Kerri Elizabeth 

It’s amazing what a sound can do.

Turn up the volume on your life and turn it down now and then.

Rest in the softer sounds and dance to it again.

I realized there is a volume on life in my head.

Can you turn it down and drown out the sound?

Or turn it up when you want to sing out loud?

Can you turn it up and dance and turn a frown upside down?

There is a sound that will spark up your heart and soul.

There is a sound that will try to take control.

There is a sound that can make your heart beat faster.

There is also a sound that can wipe you off your feet.

A sound can bring a tear and wipe away a fear.

A sound can comfort you and sometimes it can consume you too.

Simply a sound can make a moment so profound.

A voice, a word, a song, a swear word, a whisper, a scream and laughter they all seem to spark a feeling that needs a volume to turn it up or down for meaning.

Do you have your finger on the volume in your head, reset it now and again.

Take time to release the sounds that don’t give you peace all around.

There is freedom in the volume, dance or cry to the sound.

Sometimes it takes both at the same time to turn a frown upside down.


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