I Am Revealing My Influence.


Influenced by the lines and bodies, the art of life reveals to me it is the influence that creates the art we see.

Kerri Elizabeth

There is no way not to be influenced by life and people I see.

A book, a word, an athletic move, a conversation, a smile and good or bad food, allow that by without a feeling or having an influenced thought revealing.

Whether you like it or you don’t are not the answer, what I see is the energy allowed to change it, fix it, influence it or accept it.

No matter which way you choose, you are influenced by that moment and something changes, your mind, your emotion, your opinion, your move, your conversation, your feeling and sometimes a mood.

Some will stand up in a second and say that did not affect me, I’llI refuse it, I’ll think it away, that’s fine for you, that is your influence too and your position in life you choose.

Just those comments alone prove to me it did influence you in a way that you are changed to use the energy to explain and say, it did not affect me in any way.

That means to me we are influenced every day by the presence of what people do and say.

How we choose to interpret that is really the answer to that fact.

I kept thinking I could ignore that, what became more real to me is that I am that.

I am an influence when I talk, when I walk or when I smile, I am an influence in every way, to myself and to anyone I pass along the way.

If you draw a square on the paper and then remove the line the center of the square that was there is still there without the line.

WOW this concept shook my ground, is it possible that without my body I still exist, how far does this thought go and what is the influence I feel and show?

The only way I know is to plant my feet in the ground somewhere, to feel the reality of earth and my own beliefs at the core of me from birth.

With every line or circle or person you see, take away the line and body and what’s left is influence not seen.

 What is between the lines physically a man or machine can reveal, inside that influence is then something even a machine  or man can not reveal or conceal for you.

It is your drawing influenced by lines and words, by food, by people, by air by ground, by religion and sound.

Each moment is influenced by something we see, do, feel, taste, smell or tell.

You are an influence and so am I, without the body and the lines; I want to know what does your influence try to hide?

My body and my mind will not be defined as the cage I am holding all that is divine.

Influence is between the body and lines, the space that has no definitive line.

Influencing the Sunshine and love with no defining line I can send it out and know it is only my body and my lines that hold my feelings trapped inside.

It is the influence of the body and line that caused the shift for me to re-define how far I can love and how deep I can feel.

My lines I can change or erase, I am the artist of my influence and you are the grace of perception that teaches me how my art affects you infinitely.

Thank you for your body and lines, the art of the world is truly a canvas revealed to me.

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