In your head or in your heart?

By believing passionately in something that still does not exist,

we create it.

The nonexistent is whatever we have not sufficiently desired.

-Nikos Kazantzakis

Until recently (as in today) I have been told  I am all about thinking from the heart.

Today I was told to get out of my head and into my heart.

I  just got back from the gym, I was pumped and ready for my day.

I had a coaching call in one hour

and I was going to take a shower and silence my workout energy and be centered.

So, I was thinking this in my head anyways.

Then I looked at my phone and a message came in and said, our meeting is in 7 minutes.

Who made the timing mistake, I thought to myself?

Did it really matter?

It wasn’t me, it was a world class coach.

We all make mistakes.

What I learned next and more importantly was this, his ability to acknowledge his mistake and

his calm reaction and ability to move on to what mattered.

 I said,” Let me hear it coach, whats next for me?”

“I have my vision for two years done, I have my schedule written and on track, I have

this, that and the other thing done.”

RIGHT then I was interrupted, stopped in my tracks and immediately redirected,

“Wait, stop, you need to slow

down and breathe.”


Oh yes, the very act I have been practicing daily.

Slow down, take time to be and take time to breathe.

The next words he said were pivotal,

“get out of your head and into your heart.”


I said to myself in my defensive self talk?

I was completely out of my heart and into my head and didn’t even realize it.

It took me  about 10  minutes of meditation and guidance to get into my heart and out of my head.

My inner dialogue had taken over and started to defend itself with,

“I just got done working out”, “the call came an hour early I wasn’t ready”, blah blah blah.

I stopped that false self talk in my tracks, and this is what I made a decision to say to myself in seconds,

” your in this to win this”,

“listen to direction”,


someone to care for you and allow yourself to receive”.

“Top Performers receive Top Performer guidance.”

As soon as I allowed that, his response was exactly what took me to the next level.

He said,” your safe with me.”


Once I was in my heart again and felt safe, the magic happened, calmness, love, acceptance, peace and healing.

He then said to me, “Its time to heal”,

I kept my eyes closed but those words drilled into my heart to the depth of my core.

It followed with emotion and tears I can’t explain, there were no specifics surrounding the tears,

just that they wanted to be there and I needed to allow it.

Our head can make decision just as well as our heart, however the heart

knows exactly where you want to be.

We can all get stuck in our head ,when we direct back to the heart, it all becomes clear again.

Breathe, it’ll take you there!

Sending a piece of my heart your way!

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