Meditate or Debate

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.

 Oliver Wendell Holmes

A bonfire in the night, burning at its highest and hottest.

With just the right piece of wood added, it goes to heights seemingly endless.

I remember as a child sitting too close to the hot rocks surrounding the fire and melting the soles of my shoes.

I would fixate on the flames and heat so deeply that I didn’t blink for minutes it seemed.

 I would literally disappear

into the intense feeling of the heat that radiated through me.

I was meditating at the time and

I had no idea.

The debate inside feels somewhat equivalent to me at times.

 My experience in moving from the debate to meditate

depends on the information you throw on the flames.

Are you enjoying and feeling the flames as a spectator and monitoring the fire, or have you stepped in the

fire and stopped monitoring the flames.

You can skyrocket an emotion, memory or moment to last

as long as you choose it to.

You can feed the fire, or you can monitor the fire.

You can stroke it, move it, sit by it, get burned by it,

enjoy it, reflect on it, feel it, talk to it , love it , leave it

or carefully and with caution you can allow it to cool down

then turn to ash and allow it to be part of the new soil.

Enjoy the new growth that is abundantly waiting.

Its a new day allow Sunshine in!

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