Seeking and Never Finding

He who comes to do good knocks at the gate; he who loves finds the gate open.

Rabindranath Tagore

Do you seek love and never find it?

People who can respond and receive love on a regular basis are the people who never lose sight

of the abundant source they draw from.

We are love and when we accept that and

allow that, we receive it.

Finding love, being in love and wanting to be loved is what we all want.

Seeking and never finding happens when we look outside of love.

You won’t see what’s in front of you if you are always looking over the horizon.

Be cheerful when life is difficult, patient when others are impatient, and loving when others respond other than loving.

Love is you, you were born out of love, a miracle you are, you don’t have to seek it,

when you accept you are love then love will always be there.

I read this today, love is what’s left over when falling in love fades away because love is an endless source.

Ask a child what love looks like and there you will see


Love is in the little things we give, our last bite of food, holding hands, smiling,

listening as if the person you hear is all that exists, eating good food, allowing healing, crying, laughing

sharing, caring, giving, understanding, compassion, empathy, encouragement and so much more.

Love is in the flow of the river, the ocean, the wind, the rain, the sandy beaches.

Love is when you see your child smile at you.

Love is when you give unexpectedly and without expectation.

Love is selfless and never keeps score.

Love is when the sun shines on you.

Love is always true or it’s not love at all.

Don’t seek love, be love.

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