Shattered into place


All that is your life is a masterpiece of art, let color and design shatter into place, you are the presenter in the gallery of life.

Kerri Elizabeth

Shattered into place, all that entails life with love.

There are circumstances and chance, risk and reaching for more than this.

Presentation, purpose, pleasure, how are you be affected by this weather?

There is your day, your time, love and life, the excitement of seeing wildlife.

With an open heart and open arms, carefree and living, stepping into new beginnings.

When life’s circumstances shatter and chance matters, when reaching for more is risking the possibilities of an open door, do you step forth or get behind the door?

When life shatters into pieces can you make a mosaic art piece that shows the scars of a masterpiece?

When life shatters and presentation gets lost, when purpose becomes a thought and pleasure is lost, a masterpiece is waiting to be shattered into place.

Shattered pain can remain and turn into an artwork that remains an element of beautiful change.

Evolve into an art piece, a masterpiece of life, a presentation that changes lives.

A smile, a hug, a listening ear, a laugh, a story, a heart to share, time and experience and lessons learned, you’re an art piece in this gallery of life’s turns.

With color, creation, touch and feeling with emotion, music and movement revealing, shattered into place share your creative space.

You are a masterpiece of beauty to embrace, shattered into place, your smiles, your love, your life, your experiences, your pains, your joys, your glances, your heart, your mind, your thoughts, your love, your moments, your hugs , your kisses, your sorrows, your excitement and joys , yesterdays, todays and tomorrows, you’re shattered into place in a masterpiece of grace.

Sun shining on the beauty of what a masterpiece your life has made, share it with an eye of an artist inside.

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