Revive the Beat of your Heart


A heart embrace with nature’s pace revives a heart in that place. 

Kerri Elizabeth

Revived with a spark in the eyes.

A heart was revived from behind the eyes.

A healing of depth comes from a look so intense.

It shakes the ground, there is no frown.

The heart braces what memory erases.

A memory of the heart leaves an impact we often feel we can’t part.

Memory in the mind is often put back in the sub conscious line.

When will it surface and how will it take hold?

Will you be able to re-train that memory hold?

Often a thought is moved and massaged, changed and replaced and it’s done in that space.

Where did it go, did we really let go?

Often it takes another embrace so that you know you can lift that heart place.

We don’t know it can be done for sure until we lift it and endure.

Behind the eyes is a heart and soul, a depth you think only you truly know.

Behind the eyes comes a surprise.

Will the depth of what is inside, push through to the other side?

A heart is revived, massaged and declared to be alive from a look behind the eyes.

Can you give it and receive it, can you hear it and feel it, can you open it and look into it and can you trust when you’re with it?

Taking time to know where your heart takes hold.

Take the time to know if your heart is on overload.

Take the time to let go and take the time to create moments in life that open you up for challenging the inside.

Feel the depth to your toes, feel the sunshine on your face, feel the warm of the intense embrace.

Let the depth touch you behind the eyes, the heart becomes truly revived.

A jump in a lake, a fish on your plate, a hammock and a healing embrace goes behind the eyes to a depth inside not many know is there.

Sunshine on every present moment, look behind the eyes to the other side.

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