Be Aware of your Passages


The passages of our life are truly defined, by the times we continue to push the capacity in that direction and our compass starts to lead us without conscious intention.

Kerri Elizabeth

Silent in a moment

 Be silent for a moment and able to listen inside.

What do you hear and what is drawing you near?

Be silent for a moment and listen to your heartbeat.

Gratitude moving through every breath is a reminder to let go of what keeps us from our best.

Breathe in this beautifully gifted moment being intentional in your thoughts.

 Be mindful in the filling of only love into your lungs, the only choice then is for love to be released to everyone.

Open the heart chambers to receive the flow that allows us to live with what creates us to grow.

Let the passage of this moment be conscious and true, in every moment we have the choice to create the passages of our mind that only lead to a ray of sunshine.

The passages and roads you go down the most will eventually create inside you the habits and thoughts that lead you.

Be mindful in where your life’s passages lead, where the capacity is stretched and if the air flowing is clean.

When you’re filled inside with animosity and stress, there is no room for exchanging or honoring anyone with your best.

Let go of what doesn’t serve your soul, breathe out the resentments, the angry inside, let go of shame and blame that took hold.

Give into this moment a reminder to you, that in every moment when conscious and true, your reaction will be what you want it to.

Your actions and reactions need air to move, pay close attention to how that exchange feels to you.

Sunshine is always on the horizon, it’s consistent and true.

When creating a passage inside of you, follow the path that leads to the best in you.

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