Inspired by

“Life isn’t about getting and having, its about giving and being”

Kevin Kruse


By the sun

The moon

The stars

The clouds

The rain

The trees

The flowers

The bees

The birds

The frogs

The fish

The fire

The flames that ignite our heart mind and soul, feel it, know it, live it, and don’t forget it.

The sounds that cheer us to the finish line, keep them, hear them, know them and reach for them.

The scents that remind us of something wonderful breathe it and remember it.

The beauty of a hug that lasts long enough to exempt any anxiety, this is a gift, take it, hold it, enjoy it and receive it.

The wonder of the ocean, hear the majestically magnificent sounds, powerful and amazing shaking up your soul.

The miracles of a baby, love them, teach them, kiss them and share your heart with them.

When a wounded heart opens up, the flood gates of inspiration pour out, be open, be kind, and listen to the sound of healing.

A wave good-bye that says see you soon, there is no goodbye’s when a heart is attached, it keeps you forever touching each other’s path.

A kiss thrown across the room, catch it, hold it, it has weight and volume, you must know it.

A look that can’t be put into words but says it all, eyes speak a million words, share it, believe it and know how to read it.

A letter written with a pen and paper, send it, give it, take the time to live in it.

Inspiration is everywhere, look around, soak it in, and let the sunshine shine in.

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