Time and fail

Time is a created thing, to say,“I don’t have time is like saying,” I don’t want to”.


Without fail you will have bad days, don’t run from them they encourage better ways.

Without fail you will have a broken heart, let healing show you a new start.

Without fail, you will experience pain, be thankful for the depth you gain.

Without fail, you will cry, appreciate that and don’t let it slip by.

Without fail you will see something that will change your life, let it move you to new heights.

Without fail, you will experience stress, what a challenge you get to show your best.

Without fail, you will feel the struggle of life, embrace the lesson for it gives you advice.

Time will pass, use it.

Time is precious, don’t lose it.

Time is an experience, learn from it.

Time is a gift, give it.

Time is love, experience it.

Time is joy, embrace it.

Time is learning, hear it.

Time is laughter, share it.

Time is yours what will you do with it?

Tomorrow will come and today will be gone, yesterday passed and it’s time to move on.

Without fail time will pass, will you remember what happen last?

Remember your time and the gift it is, share it, live it, love again, laugh at it, smile with it, and breathe it in!

Shining Sunshine on good and bad days, they’re all a part of teaching us new ways!

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