Accept no one’s definition of your life; define yourself!

Do you weigh yourself by a calorie and define your career by a salary?

Does a scale decide your day and give you what you weigh?

Do you worry about each bite you take and allow that to determine the mood it’ll make?

How do you weigh the words you say, do you make them matter in your day?

How do you measure the time you stay, is it decided by the clock display?

What determines your worth is it numbers and in girth?

A calorie is not just a calorie when you define your day by the numbers you play?

What if you decided your day by the factor of what you say?

What if you decided what you weighed by the density of your day?

What if the numbers on a scale became just an old story to tell?

Who you are is not a number to see.

Who you are is worth more than weight will ever be.

What if you defined the food you eat by the density of the nutrition instead of the weight?

What if you defined your life, by how you lived it and took your own advice?

What if you decided that a calorie is simply just a word and life was going to be lived not just heard.

Live your life with density, and feel the intensity.

Be fearless and wonderfully made, get you’re a@@ out of the shade.

Stand tall with shoulders back, speak with confidence and a matter of fact.

Take the time to eat what serves you, challenges you and moves you.

Stop complaining about the result you get when you base your life on a number bet.

The choice you make daily will show up without a maybe.

No matter what you sneak the person that matters most is always watching up close.

Shining sunshine on you today, live your life to win it not to just be in it!

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