The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it but too low and we reach it!


How important is it?

Reaching a goal is not supposed to be easy.

It should shake up your mental, physical and spiritual strength and push you to see more than you did before you finished it.

A new summit to climb, a new view to photograph, a new feeling you could never have felt without reaching the goal.

A goal is supposed to push you to a new place.

A new starting line for a new goal.

A goal can be a stepping stone or it can be a record meant to be broken.

It can be a milestone in life and a milestone for others to learn from as well.

How important for you is it to reach a goal, to push past the pain and agony of the feeling of being done when in fact you have a little more to go, and often a lot?

Time goes by no matter what our decision is to finish or to let it go.

Will you be thinking about your goal and implementing possibility and action?

Evaluate what you are letting go of, dig deep into what you will gain and what will fall away.

Are you struggling with doubt?

Are you struggling with making a plan?

Are you evaluating a plan and never implementing it?

Do you have too many plans that get in the way and give you a reason to never succeed where your dreams are calling you?

Are you building someone else’s dreams or stepping into your own?

Daily life is a goal, reach for the best in your day, create the best energy, and give the most when you feel like giving the least.







Have a purpose.

Give more than you believe you can.

Partner up with winners, with believers, with warriors, with achievers and with purposeful people that will cheer with you and for you.

Sunshine on your goals.

Do you need help finding a goal, reaching a new limit in your life?

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