Are You In Overdraft….


When you overdraft yourself the debt has an account and a password protected by you and no one else.

Kerri Elizabeth

When the clouds do their part the sun shines on your heart.

When one story ends another bubbles up to begin.

Look for the sun in the sky.

See your faith and fly.

Smile even when you don’t know why.

There is a solution when you create one and decide.

Listen to the sound of what’s around.

There is nothing that can hold you down.

The power to be is inside of you and me.

The decision is clearly not always free, if your charging yourself a moving fee.

To move is free, the charge comes from the time you take to decide, you’re not in control of others lives.

There is a charge we put on our life.

We add a debt of shame and guilt, worry, procrastination and pain felt.

All of these things add up inside like an overdraft waiting to arrive.

When the overdraft comes through, remember it’s all about what you chose to do.

Throw off your gloves, your coat and hat, get down to the basics and pay off more than the draft.

You’re the only one with this account and the password is, YOU!


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