Keep your face to the sunshine and you can not see a shadow.

Helen Keller

I will, not I’ll try

I will, not later

I will, not soon

I will, not when she does

I will, not when he does

I will, not when I can afford it

I will, not tomorrow

I will, not I should

I will, not I would

I will, not but

I will, not if

I will not I’ll try

I will live boldly.

 I will live out loud.

 I will live courageously

I will live strong

I will live with power

I will live with love

I will live to lead

I will live to believe

 I will Live Brave

I will live with Tenacity

I will live with grace

I will live with Faith

I will live with your heart

I will live with honor

I will live with honesty

I will live with truth

I will live with fun

I will live with adventure

I will live with smiles

I will live to laugh

I will live to breath

I will I will Live to hug

I will live to kiss

I will live to travel

I will live to help others

Will you live, so you can give?

Will you dream, and be part of a team?

Will you love all the way, so you can be loved along the way?

Will you make a decision and live with precision?

Live your today, sending sunshine your way!

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