Remember Who You Are

“Never forget who you are.”

Lion King

Remember when you start your day that smiling is okay.

When the sun rises and shines on you, don’t forget you asked it to.

When a child smiles and laughs near you, don’t forget to laugh and smile too.

When a stranger looks at you, don’t forget you’re a stranger too, smile and say, “Have a good day”.

When you are blessed to eat a meal, don’t forget how good that feels.

When you make a new friend make sure you don’t forget you’re on the other end.

In the cracks and crevices of the day, don’t forget to play.

When your heart is telling you to do something more, remember it’s an open door.

When you promised to let it go, remember the person you have to face daily knows.

When you’re given a chance to rest, remember you asked for that when stressed.

Remember the little things around, and life will be profound.

Remember who you are today, yesterday is gone, tomorrow has not come, today is a chance to overcome.

Shining sunshine on who you are, a reminder you have come so far.

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