This Moment

Don’t wait for the perfect moment, take the moment and make it perfect!

Zoey Sayward

This moment is here.

This moment is real.

This moment is mine.

This moment is now.

This moment will pass.

This moment will change.

This moment is big.

This moment is clear.


Every moment matters,you know this too.

Every moment you get to choose.

Every moment, you have a voice, let it carry you with rejoice.

Take the moment and make it big, you only get one chance to live.

Every moment links to another, create them on a canvas of forever!

Don’t miss this moment!

Give a hug

Always love

Say thank you

I forgive you

I miss you

I care about you

Give a compliment

Open a door


Lend a hand and

Do your best for all the rest.

Clearing the clouds for sunshine to come in, take this moment and make it a win!

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