Thank you

It’s not happy people that are thankful its thankful people that are happy!

Thank you for sharing so many days.

It changed me in so many ways.

Thank you for the lessons learned.

Thank you for the talks we shared.

Thank you for the hearts we bared.

Thank you for the hugs you gave.

Thank you for the places we went.

Thank you for your loving intent.

Thank you for the guiding light.

Thank you for never losing sight.

Thank you for the quiet times.

Thank you for the crying times.

Thank you for the trying time.

Thank you for the space to grow.

You made a different that I know.

You gave me peace when I felt low.

You gave me space when I had no place.

You gave me opportunities to learn and grow.

You reached out and showed me a new way to go.

You reached out and pushed me to play.

In moments, I struggled to see the way.

You believed in me to start again.

You gave me a hand to begin.

Thank you more than words can say, you changed my life in so many ways.

Tell someone that changed your life, thank you for their guiding light.

Sending sunshine your way, share it with others in a thankful way.

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