Reveal It

Circumstances do not make a man, they reveal him.

Wayne W. Dyer

When you listen do you hear?

When you talk are you clear?

When you’re sharing are you caring?

When you look do you see?

When you touch do you feel?

When you eat do you taste?

When you give do you receive?

When you believe do you achieve?

When you start do you finish?

When you fall down do you get back up?

How will you perceive this moment?

I’m sure it will be different than your opponent.

Can you remove your own experience to see more than appearance?

Can you believe in more so you can truly soar?

Can you see more than this and allow time to reminisce?

Can you feel in this day and make sure you don’t miss anything along the way?

Can you hear what is said and let go of what’s inbred?

Can you let go of what was and invite in what can be?

Can you listen with an open heart and let go of the things that fell apart?

Move ahead with great intention; make room for re-invention.

Ask the questions you need to, to give clarity to what you lean to.

Sunshine on the question, do you live with your best intention or give your best intention?

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