At The End Of The Day

End your day with a smile a thought and a grateful heart!

At the end of the day did you give your best?

Can you look back and rest?

Did you wake up with the best attitude?

Did you start with complete gratitude?

Did you greet every person with your best?

Did you remember it starts with a willingness to invest?

Did you serve others in your day?

Did you remember you along the way?

Did you forgive each day so tomorrow starts a clear new way?

Did you love with all your heart?

Did you repair what fell apart?

Did you walk all day with confidence?

Did you live the day with significance?

Did you smile at a frown?

Did you lift yourself up when you were down?

Did you call someone just to say hi?

Did you remember time flies bye?

Did you take a moment just to breathe?

Did you start a request with a please?

Did you sing out loud to your favorite song?

Did play the music loud and dance along?

Did you create greatness out of a struggled time?

Did you remember when to draw the line?

Did you pick up litter on the ground?

Did you remember that you are truly profound?

Did you take the long way and enjoy the ride?

Did you remember you get to decide?

Look back at the end of the day and be able to say you did your best all the way.

I hope your week was wonderful and each day was filled with joy.

I hope your weekend is the best and you reach for more quality time to invest.

Sunshine comes from within; let it shine so you can truly live each day again.

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