Everyone is someone’s child

If we could all see the world through the eyes of a child, we would see the magic in everything!

He walks with little steps, I hear the cars crash into each other.

He walks across the room and bangs the box of blocks against his legs.

His little voice is always talking and telling you what he’s doing.

He lights up my day with his presence.

He’s changed my life in so many ways.

Then his brother came along and added to the days.

Nothing can change this kind of love.

My grandson’s came in my life and I’ll never be the same.

They are love and light and sunshine in my soul.

Their smile and giggle console.

Take a moment in your day to look at a child and say, YOU’RE MY HERO!

Take a moment every day and let a child know there smile matters!

A child comes in all different ages, stages and places, you are someone else’s child, don’t forget YOU!

Have you ever really looked into the eyes of a child when you say,” you are amazing?”

Have you really taken in the smile on a child’s face when you say,” you are incredible and your smile makes my day?”

Don’t forget the little things today; whether you are a grown child or have a young child or grandchild embrace the laughter, the love, the joy and the smiles.

Don’t forget everyone is someone’s child.

Make a difference in someone’s life today!

Sunshine in every word, sunshine in every smile, sunshine in your thoughts, sunshine in the moments we often let slip by, sunshine on every moment, and sunshine on every hope and every dream and sunshine in the eyes of every child,  sunshine on you because you matter to me.

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