Compost For Your Growth


Let yesterday’s weeds be today’s compost for the garden of your life to grow organically edible!

Kerri Elizabeth

Have you ever wondered what tomorrow will bring?

Have you ever thought about too many things?

Have you ever wanted to do something new?

Have you ever jumped in the ocean nude?

Have you ever just let every thought go, looking out to see nature’s show?

Have you ever experienced unconditional love?

Have you ever just woke up and took a trip with nothing in hand except the feeling and a look?

Have you ever just let go of the thought “I can’t” and did it before that thought took camp?

Have you ever raced someone to the top and when you thought you were even and had a shot they darted past with a smile at the top?

Have you ever been hurt so deeply by love that you felt as though breathing was an option and not part of our own true love?

Have you ever jumped into the sea and experienced a new side of being free?

Have you ever just given your last dime, and trusted it would be perfectly divine?

Have you ever trusted so much that love, disappointment, expectations and experiences all come and go and add strength to what we know?

Have you ever thought that right now is the moment love is embracing you, can you feel it and not ask how?

Ask and inspire creative ways, share it, live it, experience it along your way, give it, receive it, make a way, were all here together, nothing is in the way if the question is simply asking ,” how many more visions am I adding in today to the life legacy I am creatively building every day?”

Keep adding new visions along the way, write them, share them, and let them grow.

When weeds show up, pull them out, look at them, feel them and lay them down they make the most beautiful organic compost ever found.

Let the weeds of your life be compost for your growth, resisting them and continuing to wonder what to do, leave them more time to grow inside of you.


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