Pace is Your Own Embrace

Growing at your own pace is the true growth to embrace, growing at someone else’s pace is not your growth place. 

Kerri Elizabeth

Growing at my pace.

Loving and learning is a beautiful place.

Watching and listening to the human race.

There are so many differences to appreciate.

The beauty in everyone is rarely seen by anyone.

The most beautiful part of perception is no one sees the same.

It invites ideas and conversation we can take and evaluate and let them all take shape in the evolution of our pace.

The universe has a pace and part of that beautiful place, are moments and people living their own truth and grace.

Telling the sun to hurry up to rise at your pace is not going to change the sun’s perfect pace.

The most beautiful thing I have learned along my journey in life is to be me and let go of the place where I thought you wanted me to be.

Now I know without a doubt it is only me I can be and to grow I must grow from being me, not who you want me to be.

When I let go of need and allowed who was me, I saw a shift in the world where I already fit without need or try, it just was and I didn’t have to ask why.

The outside O’clock of time became clear and each moment became a place to shed fear.

It’s not about time, or a place or a person; it’s about letting go of control there has to be a reason.

When I decided to be me, and let others do the same without pushing my way, I started to grow more passion in my day.

Being who you are is the only place to grow.

Being where someone else thinks is their growth so far.

SUNSHINE on the beauty of the safety embrace, loving YOU where you are and watching you grow at your pace has taught me that loving me where I am is my own true growth place.


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