Seeing For You Is Blinding Me!


Seeing for you leaves me blinded by me!


Seeing for you is blinding me.

When judgement sneaks in our sights are on more than being.

Are you spending time thinking what others think and missing your own life in every blink?

I learned a very good lesson recently taking what I thought was a risk and going butt naked and free on a beach with clothes optional I decided to just be.

The biggest evolution in my judgement for me came the moment I took every stitch off and set my body free.

As I looked around to see some with clothes and some without, I realized everyone was there for themselves to be left with no judgement for me or themselves.

I have spent all my life in fitness and health and allowed myself to manifest pressure inside myself.

When I couldn’t get my body to look like her I would work really hard to learn to just love and accept all of my curves.

When I learned to accept myself as I was , it was then I started to change and grow into a better self.

I was holding on to what I didn’t realize, it wasn’t at all judgement directed at me it was my own judgment on everyone else I was thinking for instead of me.

Why did I think everyone was looking at me and why did I think for hundreds of people just being free?

This all brought a question to my mind, are we all living in life thinking for more than ourselves?

To teach is to live and to show the way, to teach is not to tell someone else what to think or say.

To live what you say and take action every day shows experiences that will impact others along the way.

Living life and believing in your purpose is authentic and true and takes away the false sense of self-worth from others that don’t live inside of you.

Not everyone has to learn like me, going on a beach letting go of clothes to be free.

This was however what I chose to see; it opened my eyes to so much of my judgement  that I actually had no idea was truly blinding me.

Now when I think, “they or he or she or them” is usually the beginning of a judgement again.

We all learn every day and this one way impacted me in so many ways.

Sharing Sunshine on life where the sun has never shined!


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