The Gap That Divides Us

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I learned that the gap that connects words and feelings, people and places and religion and races is the gap of division I created myself by allowing the perception of anything other than love itself.

Kerri Elizabeth 

Things I have learned.

Saying the word water does not make me wet.

Saying I can swim doesn’t mean I can swim.

Saying I can run without running does not mean I can run.

Saying I am not upset until I am not upset does not fill in the gap for me between love and being upset.

No matter what you say to me, I must feel it and let it be, to move through it as I grow is my own gap only I get to go to.

I simply have to close in the gap, it is a quiet place where I can reach higher than me.

For me, it’s God, my safe quiet place where I am held in a deep embrace, where no judgment or words have a place, where silence is my grace.

I have learned that words have a place, feeling them is each individuals dividing place.

Where a higher source can be felt and embracing that is the place where the gap is embraced.

There is no empty space between you and me; to me it is a gap that is often seen as a safety place, a division, a boundary, a protection place, a choice we have in how our own interpretation is made.

I learned that the gap between two walls is often a place where I fall.

I learned that falling into the deep embrace of exactly what fills that space is the eternal love that I can feel and saying it doesn’t make it real, I have to go in it and feel.

I don’t know what that place is for you; I just know that gap between each person and word is a place all your own you can be heard.

Sunshine on your own journey, your way, your feelings, how you choose to live, that is the gap I found forgiveness within.

I learned that if I waited for someone else to change based on what I know they did, that left the gap for me to live in a waiting hall for someone else’s choice on how they want to live.

SUNSHINE in the gap of every dividing place, it is where I learned I exist.

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