A Shift In The Wind


A shift in the wind gives us choices to make.

Kerri Elizabeth

When the wind blows harder the resistance and or excitement to go out in it takes its place.

I am now moved to decide, do I go or do I stay within?

When the wind blows I am allowed a decision to make.

When the wind blows I have a feeling that is no mistake.

When the wind blows I have choices I can take.

I can create a story out of what I see in its wake.

I can stand in it and feel the wind on my face.

I can resist it and fall into it and see if it will holds me up or I fall on my face.

I can trust it and believe its presence has a purpose and place.

I can believe it can be bottled up and sent off, I can sell it and make a profit on top.

Whether you believe it or buy it or share it or feel it, prove it, live it, love it, compare it, it is only inside you how personal it is and no one can decide for you that place you live in.

The evolution of my growing has been best served in knowing that when I remember who I am, I am moved to decide, do I go or do I stay within?

The flicker inside of me, the wind that blows by me, the waves that crash on me, the inspiration shining around me, the light coming from me, the words that fill me, the life that leads me, the knowledge building in me, move me inside to decide, do I go or do I stay within?

Staying within the moment is my processing place, like simmering dinner or marinating a steak, like making the best slowly thought out chocolate cake.

What I won’t decide is how you will interpret the wind, how you will assimilate it within.

What I do know is I feel the wind blow and then decide, do I go or do I stay within?

I’m grateful for the love within that holds me up when the wind blows by me, the waves crash on me and I am grateful for your sharing around me and the knowledge that grounds me.

I am grateful for the opportunities that life gives me to feel a familiar wind and be reminded I have a choice to go in it or stay within, to react or respond and or repeat it differently or the same again.

I am grateful for the wind that blows around me and the choices I am served that may change me, challenge me, teach me,  and ground me.

They lead me to the very place of deciding what I can do to serve love all around me.

Sun shining rays of light that have guided me on my path, enjoy the rays that may inspire you and continue to share with me how you decide to feel the wind around you?

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