Four Parts to My Heart!


Four children, four spirits and four hearts, my three daughter’s and my son, our love is priceless and can never be undone.

Kerri Elizabeth

I love you the four parts of my heart.

Four parts to my heart, my three daughters and my son.

They grew up so beautiful, all of them, with the most amazing hearts and minds and love in them..

I have lived with them all moved out now for a year, you’d think it would be easier and I’d shed less tears.

I love seeing them grow and want to explore, I love that they all love to experience more.

I love the smiles, the enchanted talks, the hours on the phone and the dates and the walks.

I love meeting them one by one and seeing and hearing tell me all about their life on the run.

I love the late talks and sometimes tears, the fears we have all grown out of through the years.

Over the hills and through the woods with stories that will never get old.

In all the funny ways we told each other, “I love you” through the years, they have filled me and moved me and taught me to breathe, to live, to laugh, to take time to be free.

I love you my children, your smiles, your hugs, your laughter, your tears, your years of love.

I love you my children for each moment I have shared with you, the nights of talks, the endless lectures you endured, running miles, working out, eating healthy most of the time and allowing sugar on weekends were sometimes fun.

I love you the four parts to my heart, my three daughters and my son.

Even when I haven’t been the best mother, even when I lose my mind now and then, thank you for loving me all the time, for forgiving and living the love within and always knowing I’d be back to give hugs and kisses and start again.

I love you all every second of every day.

I love you all no matter how far apart we live.

I love you all so very much, no words can explain my love enough.

I love you each of you the most and I love all the years you knew it was you and still to this day it holds true.

I love you the four parts to my heart, my three daughters and my son.


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