There is no choice other than love for me, I am a warrior’s mother chosen to be.

Kerri Elizabeth

Relapse into the greatest love of all.

Relapse is a word that explains, time to kick ass and take names.

A good cry and a few swear words will suffice and then action and believing is my own advice.

The news hit hard, the words took charge, my heart dropped a few beats and my chest became tight and landed at my feet.

My brain lost oxygen, nearing the feeling of passing out, the initial feeling has to make its way out.

Tears soaked my face; shaking took over me from the inside feeling the memory of the pain he had to endure the first time.

He doesn’t want to talk, he says he doesn’t want this in existence, he says he’s ok and I know he is, in his own explanation that’s the only way he chooses this moment to live in.

One moment at a time, he’s at work right now, writing songs and living what he loves to do.

His strength is beyond measure, his perseverance is his deepest treasure, he is full of love and compassion inside, and he has a tough exterior to some outside.

He saves his heart for only the best and those that make it inside are forever loved and protected by his warrior spirit all the time.

He takes one moment at a time and reminds me along the way, to stop and allow his journey to be his way.

He reminds me we all have a path we choose and when he gets the chance he reminds me where he learned that too.

So after a few hours have passed and tears have flooded my path and my heart has felt the impact, I now am reminded of this precious gift where both of us learned a new language gift.

Listen to me mom, with all your might, listen to me and hear me inside, look at me and see me and hear what I am telling you freely.

The only thing I would change about my childhood mom is that I would be heard without you saying a word.

I have the honor as his mother to listen to his heart and feel his music, to hear his words and hear his feelings.

I can dance to his music, laugh with his humor and cry with his pain and I can stand tall and remember I was given this position as his mother, trusted and chosen to be the strongest warrior’s mother.

So my shoulders are back, my posture is stellar, my mind is intact, my oxygen is level.

My spirit will carry me through the shift in the wind, and I will keep the gap that divides my fears and tears with pure love within.

He is a warrior child and he is my son, there is nothing inside that will tear that down, his strength and determination is more than profound.

So today will pass in an hour or so and tomorrow will bring me another day to continue to show him that I am listening without a word to whatever he feels he can put into words.

Every moment matters and I will continue to be, strength, perseverance, determination and purpose to be a warrior’s mother every day.

He  has a girlfriend beautiful and bright, she radiates love and light, her heart abounds with passion in life and she has made it inside to his warrior life.

He has three sisters as well and let me tell you this army of love has nothing but strength in it.

There are always choices except this one, love is the only option in this family, there is nothing bigger than our hearts working together as one.

With all the love that surrounds him and the strongest love within him, he is always an inspiration to me and to anyone honored to be around him, look for him and see, he is a musician and a writer of his own music and beat.

SUNSHINE on every MOMENT with LOVE as the only option and component.

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