No Doubt

Where there is love there is no doubt.

It was a Friday night, I called him and he didn’t answer. I didn’t feel right this time.

I knew something wasn’t right.

I made it through the night and woke up early and called again. He didn’t answer right away, a text came through. It said,” I’m fine now, don’t worry”.

What do you mean don’t worry, I thought.

Finally an answer to my call and he said,”don’t worry mom I had 7 blood transfusions, I only had 10% of the blood I was supposed to have to be alive.”

“I’ll be fine though, don’t worry about coming to the hospital, I’ll be out before you get here.” He replied.

You know I was on my way while I said, “sure ok, I won’t worry, no problem.”

Gasping for air, I drove as fast as I could to the hospital.

There he was my heart and soul with a big smile and laughing ear to ear as if nothing was wrong.

That day set the pace for our next year in a half.

Children’s hospital was our home.

I walked away from the life I had, in that moment the only life that mattered was my sons.

His acute lymphoblastic leukemia diagnosis with a chromosome duplication called AMP21 was nothing less than life changing.

Diagnosis: 95% cancer.

Here we go my warrior child, time to rock and roll.

I won’t leave your side, I will never hide.

I will hear you and be with you; I will love you and protect you.

I will learn everything I need to and you’ll know who to lean to.

I’ll cry with you, laugh with you, I’ll sit by you, I’ll never ever leave you.

I’ll whoop you at every board game and I’ll make you work out.

I’ll write out daily goals, I’ll never have a doubt.

I’ll run a marathon daily if that’s what it’s all about.

I’ll run to the store for anything you want and more.

There are no other options but to get you through these doors.

We stayed up all night every single night.

We watched every series and movie, that’s right.

We decided together what he needed for the fight.

Our armor was on, our hearts said go, our mind was in action, we partnered up for this show.

I took notes from the doctors, I fought with the staff, my son will ONLY have time for the best that you have.

We never thought for a minute that there were any options but to win it.

My children took action from each of their places in the war for their brother, no time was wasted.

Every moment took love and patience from each other.

The journey was long and we needed one another.

We had family and friends; I could go on for days for the team that was in place to take on this race.

Invest in your life, reach out and give if you haven’t already learn to forgive.

Life throws us curves and we often aren’t ready, but the army of love will keep you steady.

Love with all your might, let your life ignite.

Be a flame not a flicker.

Live your passion.

Love with action.

Let the sunshine on every interaction.

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