It’s Yours!

You never know how strong you are until strong is the only choice you have.

Never take for granted the strength old and new.

What a gift that’s been given for you to pursue.

Strength is in every decision that you make.

It builds and it breaks and it heals our mistakes.

Never let anyone tell you it’s not true.

Strength is to be built on and it can’t be taken from you.

So if you think you lost it, think again.

You own it,stand up it’s yours to win.

We are always building strength in every decision that we make.

The right to stand firm is there to take.

Strength should be shared.

Strength can be declared.

When strength comes in numbers there is nothing compared.

Strength is not built on tearing someone down.

Strength is built from where you’re found.

Encourage and lift up one another, that’s where strength is truly uncovered.

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