Be Your Someone

It’s difficult to leave someone, it’s difficult to wait for someone, it’s difficult to forget someone but the strength comes in believing you are someone.

Kerri Elizabeth

A new destination

A new conversation

A new view

New people

A new moment

A new thought

A new day

A new way



Live with open eyes; recognize the colors in different skies.

Live with grace every day and say, “I’m sorry” to yourself for getting in your way.

Be the friend you’re looking for.

Be the leader you want and more.

Be the Hero you dream will come.

Don’t wait for someone else to get it done.

Play an instrument you want to play.

Don’t let age or time be a defining factor in your way.

Be open to the possibilities you seek.

Don’t let your life be only a sneak peak.

Be the opportunity for your life to be, even what you can’t yet see.

It’s the things we think we can’t do that we put effort into doing instead of sitting and not improving.

Move with curiosity, live without animosity, create velocity!

The sunshine is never dim, perception comes from within!

11 thoughts on “Be Your Someone

    • Thank you so much..the blogging world and getting my word out is a process I have been slowlyyyyy learning and still dont quite understand hopes are to create it to fly..any ideas or referrals to how is always welcome.

      • Im not good with advice. I just try to write and share from my heart. I think there are things to learn about how to promote our work from people out there. I did use a word press help site a week ago and they knew a lot. Just keep writing.

        • Thank too..we just keep going ..sharing and healing and growing…l have been looking on the help sites too..very helpful..I started an online class as well..hugs to your journey..

            • Im not sure how to even add that and didnt know I didnt have it lol..Oh this tech journey..I’ll look into that and see what to do..thank you so muchhh for giving me that awareness and thank you for offering to share..I’ll see how to do that as well. I have been posting along and just now learning more about the rest..

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