By Design

You design your behavior and your attitude.

Kerri Elizabeth

Are you defending yourself for someone who hurt you?

Are you carrying their baggage and giving it value?

Have you spent too much time thinking about someone else’s words?

Are you taking it to heart afterwards?

Has someone else’s voice become the one in your head?

Are you thinking about what they said and carrying it with you on your journey ahead?

Don’t spend precious time trying to change someone else’s unkind ways.

Don’t spend your life in someone else’s haze.

Are you questioning who you are because of someone else’s scars?

Are you holding on to what they need to do, or letting go so you can do what is meant for you?

Have you become someone else’s pain?

Have there actions and words become your campaign?

Will you let go and live who you’re meant to be?

Will you stand up, stomp your feet, and demand to live your right to be free?

Will you stop waiting for someone else’s apology and take the time to change your own terminology?

Will you leave the baggage not meant for you?

Will you live your life and design it too?

If a baggage of mean is left for you mark return to sender it has no value due.

Don’t wait for someone else to fix your place.

You’re in charge of how you design your space.

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