Your attitude, not your aptitude determines your altitude.

Zig Zigler

An amazing thing happens when you get honest with your life.

Decide what you want, evaluate your path, stay true to your heart it’s a valuable part.

There will be people that love you that want you to grow.

There will also be people that will have advice to show.

When you settle inside for less than your worth, chances are good you’re living behind unhealed hurt.

What do you want and how do you feel, what is the reflection from what you reveal?

What do you see for your life ahead?

What are your dreams and desires are they fed or have you settled inside for less instead?

Is it painful to reach for what is best?

Is it going to take you out of your comfort distressed?

Will you take the struggle and gain strength from the test?

Will you rise and shine and reach for more and not less?

An amazing thing happens when you get clear.

Life opens up and you want to live without fear.

Fear becomes a cloud that passes you by, and life opens up for you to fly.

Every lesson you have ever learned has now given you flying hours you have earned.

You are able to design the life you’re meant to have, take it, believe it, grasp it and achieve it.

Your wings are intact and you’re ready to fly, speak it out loud it sounds like, “Delta, River, Sky, Blue, and Sunshine”.

It’s your turn to take off now, don’t slow down or when you take off you’ll hit the ground.

Get some speed, feel the power, gain momentum, speak to the tower.

Your life is a gift it wasn’t given to borrow, take it and live it and look forward to today and tomorrow.

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