The Dance of Life

Dance because you can!

Kerri Elizabeth

Turns out in life there are new steps being created every day.

You can do the waltz you can do the shuffle and you can move fast with the hustle.

When a song comes on that was meant for you, dance to it, you’ll be able to feel it’s for you.

Don’t shut down the sound, don’t run away, dance with it every day.

If the song is right you’ll be able to hear it, the sound is inside you’ll know it and feel it.

Don’t hurry it through, don’t miss the feeling it brings you and don’t lose the beat that’s made just for you.

Your feet will move, your emotions will be pulled, your heart will take hold and you will need to be bold.

Dance to the song, close your eyes, do your feet move with ease and or is it a compromise?

Are you dancing alone or with someone at home?

There is a dance in everything we do, a conversation has it too.

Watch the steps in your life, put them together, are they making a dance and challenging you to be better?

Be a part of the dance whatever song you choose, turn up the volume and determine the moves.

It takes time to create a dance, it takes time to create the moves but when you put it together it should flow and continue to improve.

Dance with your thoughts and dance with your heart, create a song inside that both dance together and not apart.

There is a dance floor in life and the music changes with the lights if you can’t feel the beat when the lights are low then the dance floor is simply a place you’ll never grow.

Keep dancing and growing and finding your beat, the music is playing feel it under your feet.

The lights are on you, what will you do when the song starts to play and everything inside you start to sway?

Sunshine on your dance, move to the beat, find the rhythm within you, it’s like a heartbeat.

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