You Were Feeling That Too?


Letting go of what I thought and doing what I feel, revealed to me a lesson that letting go is not a thought but a choice in how I feel.

Kerri Elizabeth

The intensity of letting go!

So many things and times in life shatter us or keep us uptight.

Unable to hear what someone is saying, unable to feel when someone is praying.

When you just take a moment to authentically feel.

Life from your heart will reveal the importance of what is truly real.

Then in a flash the seasons will change, we lose our ground and life is rearranged.

Reach inside to the most beautiful things in life that can’t be touched or seen.

Let the heart reveal the beauty of every little thing.

Close your eyes and feel the rhythm, let the beauty from inside lead your life with precision and keep your heart healthy inside.

Your thoughts inside create a garden, how will the colors grow?

Plant a garden of color, of love and light inside, plant a calmness and a gratitude that blooms in intervals of time.

When the colors start to fade, remember there is another season that is planted and arranged.

Be ready for the seasons and expect there to be change.

The intensity of letting go can be like watching a flower grow.

Choose what grows in your garden and plant according to the season, let life bring you joy and excitement and play without a reason.

Jump in a puddle and let go of the darkness of the rain, enjoy every season and every ray of sunshine in between.

Thank you for the seasons and the colorful views, thank you for the ups and downs that create a challenge too.

Thank you for every little thing in my life that blooms, I cherish the feelings that give me life and the capacity to move.


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