Feeling the Beat

2013-05-18 17.29.48

When you feel the beat and it continues to repeat, dance to the sound of your heartbeat.

Kerri Elizabeth

When your heart beats and your mind repeats.

When the presence of a feeling reveals an inner appealing.

When your soul blooms and your mind is in tune and your heart beats to the light of the moon.

When your body feels, what your heart reveals and your mind becomes unconcealed.

When your heart opens and you realize your new and choices are in front of you, let go and receive what’s been given to you.

When you’re asked a question and inside of you the sign says, “stop, I have never revealed that part to you”, take a look, listen in and be curious what will be given within.

Then when you get the chance to have someone look into you and see more than you do, listen in and begin the process of finding out how much love is in you.

When the stars align and they sparkle all the time and they shoot across the sky, be still for a moment while they reveal, the presence of this inner appeal.

There is only one thing that can’t be separated and that is the space inside me and you.

As the clutter is cleared and the heart is revealed that space that can’t be separated is where love is full filled.

Stay in this place and remind yourself that all of this is that inner appeal.

Meet me outside to breathe the mountain air.

 Meet me outside where we become more aware.

 Meet me outside to look at the stars.

 Meet me outside where the story comes alive.

See you in the SUNSHINE!

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